What is a non-moving violation?

Non-moving violations usually involve problems with the aesthetics of your vehicle or credentials. Examples include expired registration, lack of insurance, or vehicle maintenance issues like a broken taillight. Let’s you consider your current success lord of ocean free play. Parking tickets are also non-moving violations.

Other non-moving violations include: Red-light/ speeding camera tickets, and seatbelt violations.

You may plead guilty to an Illinois traffic ticket online, by mail, or in person depending on the violation. Your ticket may give you further instructions as to whether a court appearance is mandatory or optional.

Illinois ticket fines and penalties will vary by location and county court. If you do not believe you violated Illinois traffic laws, you can plead “not guilty” in court and fight your ticket.

You can call the Secretary of State at (312) 793 1010 for specific ticket details regarding your Driver’s License. Please be prepared to provide them your Driver’s License Number, your name, and birthdate.

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