The cable tv guy’s strategy: Technician claiming to get results for Time Warner wire is actually informing all on Reddit

Someone saying as a Time Warner cable tv professional was spilling strategy on Reddit.

Opportunity Warner cable tv, the second-largest provider of television and internet service in the United States, informed Quartz that it’s considering the posts. “We’re unable to validate when this person is obviously an existing or former personnel,” a spokesman said.

Reddit user cableguy_the started an “Ask myself Anything” (AMA) bond, uploading photos of his ID badge and uniform as purported evidence of his work. Their answers to the concerns arriving are really candid. Below are a few shows (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending exchange period Warner wire:

We would like the merger since recent cluster responsible could be the worst in previous records. A lot of people acquiring discharged as a result of difficult metrics. Most of the energy might given to support service reps and removed from those who in fact check out the homes and correct issues . It’s in pretty bad shape additionally the business will be operate like crap IMHO [in my simple thoughts].

On the tension between professionals and customer support representatives:

Yea customer care reps and techs include combat a battle that not one person views. We dislike them, they dislike you. They determine users the problem is the apparatus when it almost never is actually. We determine clients to just overlook precisely what the man on the cellphone says because it’s likely that great, he has got never wired a residence, installed a drop or fixed cable.

On what’s actually completely wrong with your connection:

Don’t think 50percent of what the associate throughout the cellphone informs you. Simply arrange the tech. Try to let your work. He’s finished this prior to. The agent just answers devices. It’s almost NEVER the gear causing the problems.

From the key to getting much better assist:

Whenever a tech arrives ,ask for his supervisors quantity. Make sure he understands its not burning him but to escalate an issue. He could contact his sup to make certain its cool but that will help.

On what’s avoiding more quickly net grab rates:

Truthfully, fundamental analogue cable tv. It requires up sooo a lot bandwidth . 1 channel per volume vs bonding several wavelengths to supply 8 stations for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As we run 100per cent digital tv.. net will get faster. Also congestion. If you’re around a college it is the worst . Grandma might use the girl 15 meg Jurupa Valley chicas escort for email and browsing but youthful Johnny university kid sucks within the data transfer in the region using netflix and torrenting and games. Yet they pay alike. IMHO what might fix this is certainly capping information and providing everybody else uncapped rate.

On the reason why splitting the cable relationship are an awful idea:

Investing in a splitter to simply attenuate the indication is really foolish we even have factors also known as attenuators that do this without incorporating unneeded splitter. But it’s correct that too-much signal is simply as bad as not enough we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his tasks:

I may end up being fired based on exactly who catches me personally. I might also get an added bonus the so difficult to tell making use of way this business happens to be organized.

About how Wi-Fi indicators were unreliable, and can feel vanquished by gates and walls:

Yes best shown. Plaster walls specifically.Solid wooden doorways, being in a basement if the router is found on another flooring or vice versa. Wifi was a fickle creature.

On the “broken” wire modem:

Yea I discover this loads. I might state in a given year I would personally say 5% regarding the modems I switched are actually faulty. We carry out lots of dog and pony program and simply change it anyhow. The thing is more often than not not gear appropriate. Modems either perform or they don’t. There is so small around. They might be very simple equipment. We have tv series customers utilizing my personal laptop everything employed alright, subsequently turn to their devices and every little thing goes to shit. They nonetheless need a brand new modem..Its insanity.

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