All non-felony cases alleging violations of traffic laws are assigned to the Municipal Department of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Exceptions to this rule are cases brought by police agencies which have countywide jurisdiction, such as the Cook County Sheriff’s Police.

If you receive a citation for these types of violations, you are advised to read the information before assuming you must appear in traffic court to resolve the matter. Violations issued by the police officer will designate whether a court appearance is required on the citation. Some violations can be settled without a court appearance.

The ticket will state whether you can plead guilty and mail your payment. You can also elect to plead not guilty and request a court date.

The following are examples of violations that require drivers to appear in court:
• Class A Or Class B Misdemeanor
• Violation of fine greater than $95
• Violations that end in injury other than the ticketed driver
• Violating the child passenger safety act
• Operating a motor vehicle with your license revoked or suspended
• Excess speeds 30+ the limit
• Reckless Driving
• Drag Racing
• Leaving the scene of an accident
• Failure to stop at stop sign
• Running red light
• Failure to wear seat belt
• No valid state registration
• Operating uninsured vehicle
• Failure to produce driver’s license

This information is necessary in communicating with court clerks and attorneys about your situation. In instances where you can elect to either plead guilty via mail or contest the violation in court the choice is yours voluntarily. Commonly, moving violations result in penalties that require your mandatory appearance in court. For serious violations the court will urge you to seek the advisement of an attorney.

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