Severe traffic related-offenses can result in fines, suspension/revocation of your license, or imprisonment.

Examples of serious traffic violations include:
• Leaving the scene of an accident
• Driving on a suspended or revoked license
• Driving without insurance
• Reckless Driving

Your initial court appearance for a traffic violation is an arraignment date. This is not a trial date. If charged with a felony traffic case, you should seek the advice of a criminal/ traffic attorney.

Possible penalties for Felony traffic cases:
• Class 4 Felony, 1-3 years jail time
• Class 3 Felony, 2-5 years jail time
• Class 2 Felony, 3-7 years jail time
• Class 1 Felony, 4-15 years jail time

*Felony traffic cases are subject to a mandatory jail sentence of 180 days

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